Is Cloud Computing Really Helpful?

Cloud computing is a concept whose time has come. But the benefits are not readily known to everyone. It has its critics.

First, let’s define just what cloud computing is. In a word, cloud computing is sharing resources via the Internet. Companies no longer need to store all their data on mainframes and PCs or large hardware servers in their own office space. Computing has become decentralized.

Why is that good? Well, it’s good for a number of reasons.

No. 1, companies can share resources and expenses by utilizing less owned space and more “grid ” space. If, for instance, your company has thousands of dollars worth of server equipment for soft storage of files at your location you can often save money in one of two ways.

  1. Outsourcing the file storage – You’ll save your own hardware space if you store your files elsewhere. Typically, the cost of storing files on a remote server can save you money since the office space you rent to store your hardware costs more. You’ll save more in the long run.
  2. Renting your storage space – If you have space on your servers then you can rent out that space to other companies in the cloud and let that empty space earn you money.

Businesses are more and more realizing that operating in the cloud is more affordable, more efficient and better on the bottom line. Cloud computing is becoming more popular and as it does the cost of computing goes down. Everyone wins.

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