What Owning A Datacenter Means For Facebook

Late last month Facebook announced that it was building its own datacenter. That’s awesome news. It’s only right that the largest social networking site in cyberspace have its own datacenter. But what does that mean to you?

There’s a good chance that if you are reading this blog post you have a Facebook profile or a Facebook fan page for your business. You’ve likely at least heard of Facebook. Knowing that Facebook has its own datacenter should be comforting to you for several reasons.

First, it means that your private data will be much more secure. Since Facebook won’t be sharing facilities with other companies or servers with other businesses then no one but Facebook employees will have access to your data.

Secondly, it means that Facebook should run much more smoothly. Being able to manage its own servers at its own location means that Facebook can have 24-hour operations and be able to take care of any issues that might arise.

Thirdly, it could mean that your overall experience on Facebook will be enhanced as a datacenter can make operations much more efficient for Facebook – and you.

Typically, small companies do not have the economic resources to own a datacenter. They have to rent server space from someone else. That’s why there are hosting companies. But as companies grow larger, like Facebook, their needs change. Eventually, if they grow large enough, they need to start thinking about being more independent and self reliant in terms of their technology. It seems that is where Facebook is today, thus the need for a datacenter.

Investing in a datacenter, for any business, is a big move. And sometimes it’s a necessary one.

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