How Virtualization Makes You More Efficient

In the early days of computing it was not possible to virtualize. If you owned a computer then it had one operating system. Period. Today, you can have multiple operating systems run on the same computer hardware. That’s virtualization.

Take your computer mainframe. You probably are running some version of Windows on your personal computer. If you’re tech savvy then you might have Linux. If you are operating in a corporate environment then you could be running Ubuntu, Unix or one of many other operating systems. But can you imagine running all of them on the same computer hardware? What would that do for your company?

Your IT department will thank you. Instead of having one set of servers for Windows, one set of servers for Linux, another set for Unix and a fourth set of servers for Ubuntu, you can consolidate your operating systems onto one server and run your entire company from that one virtualized server. You’ll be more efficient and your IT team manage one server, or set of servers, instead of four.

Virtualization is really what cloud computing is all about. In the modern era, it’s all about efficiency, productivity and managing costs.

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