Private Cloud Hosting: What You Need To Consider

When it comes to hosting a private cloud you should consider more than just the raw costs. While that is certainly important, there are other considerations such as your own resources, hardware and software needs and cloud availability.

Here’s a short list of things you’ll need to consider before you set up your private cloud:

  • Servers – How many do you need and what size and capacity do they need to have?
  • Storage – Do you have a place to store your servers or will you be renting space?
  • Security – You’ll need to secure your servers with firewalls and anti-virus software.
  • Load balancing – How will you balance the loads of your servers? Will it be on a timed basis or a per project basis?
  • Management resources – Do you have someone to manage your cloud or will you need to hire someone to manage your servers?
  • Cost of set up – What will be the cost of your server hardware and software acquisitions? You’ll also need to consider the costs of hiring a manager versus outsourcing. Consider all your up front costs.
  • Cost of maintenance – What will be the cost of maintaining your servers over time?

Managing a private cloud is not cheap. But it can be profitable. You’ll have to plan for long term while considering your short term costs and benefits. To ensure you leave nothing out, consult with a private cloud consultant and communicate all your needs up front.

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