What Is An Intercloud?

If you’ve heard the term “intercloud” you may be wondering just what that is. First, let’s back up a little and talk about private clouds because until you understand what a private cloud is you’ll have a difficult time with interclouds.

We’ve talked about public clouds and private clouds before. So I won’t belabor the point here. But a private cloud, to be clear, is a private datacenter with servers set up in such a way that your company can efficiently operate using load balancing and scale to maintain your computing needs. An intercloud is a network of private clouds.

Confused? Let’s try to make it simpler.

The Internet is a public cloud. It’s essentially a network of computers on a global scale that anyone can link up to. A private cloud may look like the Internet on a small scale but it’s not available to anyone. It’s available only to people who are authorized to enter that private space. Now imagine a micro-Internet that is private in nature. It consists of Company As private cloud, Company Bs private cloud and Company Cs private cloud.

If you’re a large enterprise then you might set up private clouds for several of your departments or divisions and link them together. You’ll then have an intercloud.

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