4 Types Of PaaS

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is one of the segments of cloud computing, which we discussed in our last post.

Just as there are different segments of cloud computing, there are also 4 different types of PaaS. There may actually be more in the future. There are new developments in cloud computing every day. But we can narrow down most PaaS services to four different types of platforms right now, today.

  1. Computing Platforms – Traditional computing needs have not gone away. Businesses still need bandwidth, storage and data processing services. Instead of buying bundled services, you can contract for individual applications for your computing needs. Flickr is an example of photo storage that allows you to store your photos in one location and it is delivered as a PaaS.
  2. Web applications – Some services allow you to use applications through APIs. For instance, YouTube and Twitter would be two popular examples of web applications as PaaS.
  3. Business applications – More and more we are seeing business applications showing up to handle the computing needs of clients in a variety of ways. These could include industry-specific applications or generic business applications such as database technology, web conferencing or voice over internet telephony.
  4. Social applications – Did you really think we’d leave out social media? There are a number of social applications that allow you to integrate into your websites, either on the public end or the back end. Examples include Facebook, Ning and BuddyPress.

PaaS is a powerful way to manage your company technological needs and it allows small businesses to compete on a level playing field with large corporations.

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