8 Types Of IaaS Providers

Like platform-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors. There are at least 8 different types of IaaS providers, maybe more. Here are the types of IaaS providers that I can count off the top of my head.

  1. Computing – IaaS providers that providing computing services give you the ability to compute via remote hook ups and other types of over-the-net connectivity services.
  2. Enterprise IT – Many large companies with gynamic computing needs look at enterprise solutions. Rather than own their own hardware they can outsource the infrastructure to house their internal applications.
  3. Cloud Storage – This may include storage, backup and continuous data protection.
  4. Test/Development – Some IaaS providers specialize in delivering the ability to test and develop new applications. They provide the space you need for your testing. It’s a lot like a virtual lab.
  5. Resource Sharing – Becoming more common, resource sharing allows companies with similar goals or computing needs to share the expense, the maintenance and the infrastructure.
  6. Telecom – Virtual PBX, VOIP and other Internet telephony services.
  7. High Performance Computing – Also called supercomputing, HPC refers to using computers for large scale statistical computations. It’s no coincidence that the 10 largest HPCs in 2010 all run on Linux.
  8. Wholesale Vending – Also called reselling or affiliate marketing. One company resells the infrastructure-as-a-service offerings of another.

IaaS is a growing segment of cloud computing and more and more service providers are entering the playing field every day.

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