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Are You Losing The SaaS War?

There seems to be a battle going on right before our eyes. The opponents are the traditional software vendors, the ones who have been selling you software with expensive licenses attached – I won’t mention any names – and software-as-a-service … Continue reading

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The Difference Between A Data Center And Private Cloud

Many people new to cloud computing get a little confused with terms. I know, I know. Between virtual private clouds, hybrids, public clouds and a variety of other cloud computing terms, the definitions can get a little fuzzy. I hope … Continue reading

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Which Cloud Model Is Right For You?

It can get confusing looking at the different types of cloud solutions: Public cloud Private cloud Hybrid cloud Virtual private network Colocation service Dedicated server Managed server Community cloud It seems like a new cloud model is invented every day. … Continue reading

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Colocation Versus Dedicated Server

In Get A Virtual Hard Drive we discussed a little bit about what cloud computing is really like along with some other common names for “virtual hard drive.” One of those, of course, is “dedicated server.” But do you really … Continue reading

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What’s A Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is one particular type of cloud that contains characteristics of both public and private clouds. In fact, there are some good reasons for hosting in a hybrid cloud. The private cloud characteristics of a hybrid are necessary … Continue reading

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Are You Ready To Compute In The Cloud?

You’ve heard of computing in the cloud, but what is it and are you ready for it? Cloud computing is a concept that has caught on in just the last five years. Businesses of all sizes and in all kinds … Continue reading

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5 Characteristics Of Virtualization

5 essential characteristics to successful virtualization. Continue reading

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Get A Virtual Hard Drive

Cloud computing is like a mystery. You can do things that before never were possible. For instance, establishing an added hard drive to your computing hardware that doesn’t exist in your physical location. How is this possible? It’s possible with … Continue reading

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Is Microblogging Cloud-Based?

Microblogging services like Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr have created a new niche and a brand new way of communicating. In essence, one-to-many communications have been streamlined and decentralized. But what does that have to do with the cloud? My perception … Continue reading

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PaaS Solution Stacks: WINS And LAMP

Platform as a Service is a type of cloud computing solution that offers the delivery of computing hardware and software without the end user having to buy the components being used. Delivery is over the Internet and can be rolled … Continue reading

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