Securing Your Private Cloud

It would be incorrect to assume that private clouds are inherently more secure than public clouds. That isn’t necessarily true. What determines whether any cloud is secure are a set of facts about the cloud’s nature. Some private clouds are more secure than some public clouds; some public clouds are more secure than some private clouds. In some cases, how secure your cloud is might be indeterminable.

For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll talk about three ways you can ensure your private cloud is more secure.

  1. Encryption – Transporting data back and forth between computers requires a certain level of encryption. Make sure your data is not readable. Can encryption codes be cracked? Yes, but they are less likely to be cracked than non-encrypted data is to be hijacked and lifted.
  2. Firewalls – One of the surest ways to ensure your private cloud is secure is the same way you’d ensure your individual desktop computer is secure. Use a firewall.
  3. Antivirus Software – You should have anti-virus software on your private cloud server. Be sure to scan your server on a regular basis, preferably weekly, or more often. At least weekly. Use the best software you can find and scan your servers often.

Doing these three things will not give you 100% guaranteed security, but you should use these security methods on your private cloud at a minimum. If you don’t, you have no reason to expect that your cloud will be secure.

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