3 Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has some distinctive characteristics from traditional computing that are worth noting. If you examine these three characteristics then you’ll likely arrive at the conclusion that cloud computing carries tremendous benefits for your organization.

  1. No maintenance – The first characteristic is that you have no ongoing maintenance. Since all your computing needs are outsourced, your service provider carries the burden of any maintenance. You save space at your facility and the expense of maintaining an IT department.
  2. Virtualization – Cloud computing also offers continuous service through online delivery. Your cloud hosting provider should be able to provide your computing needs 24/7 over the Internet.
  3. Pay As You Go – The third huge benefit to cloud computing is that you pay for the services that you are using. Since traditional computing typically comes in a bundle, you can do away with services that you don’t use and focus only on those services that you do use, saving your company money in the long run.

Cloud computing is more efficient than traditional computing and with these three characteristics there are tons more in benefits.

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