PaaS Solution Stacks: WINS And LAMP

Platform as a Service is a type of cloud computing solution that offers the delivery of computing hardware and software without the end user having to buy the components being used. Delivery is over the Internet and can be rolled out on a pay-as-you-go system.

A solution stack is a type of PaaS service that involves the delivery of a set of software components as a package.

Two very popular solution stacks are LAMP and WINS. One is for Linux and one is for Windows. In fact, the L and W stand for Linux and Windows. These solution stacks include the following components:


  • Linux operating system
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL database management system
  • PHP, Perl or Python for scripting languages


  • Windows operating system
  • Internet Information Services web server
  • .NET programming language
  • SQL Server database management system

Which solution stack is right for you?

There’s no easy answer to this question. Obviously, if you are already on a Linux or Windows server then it would be easier to go with the solution stack that corresponds to your current system, but it may not necessarily be the best solution for you in the long run. A careful review of your long term needs would be most beneficial to determine the right solution stack for your situation.

There are also variations of these solution stacks, some of which might be more useful to you. For instance, WIMP substitutes MySQL for SQL Server and PHP for .NET. Some companies have also replaced Linux for Windows to offer a WAMP solution stack. For Mac OS users, MAMP is an amenable solution instead of LAMP.

If you prefer a system based on the Linux operating system then two viable alternatives to LAMP are LYME and LEXA.

Your IT director or network administrator can help you determine which solution stack is best poised to help you solve your PaaS needs.

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