Is Microblogging Cloud-Based?

Microblogging services like Twitter, Jaiku and Tumblr have created a new niche and a brand new way of communicating. In essence, one-to-many communications have been streamlined and decentralized. But what does that have to do with the cloud?

My perception is that microblogging currently does not have a lot to do with cloud computing, but it can – and it should.

If you can picture sales teams interacting with prospects in real time through services like Twitter integrated into the company Web interface then you have some idea as to what I’m talking about. You are likely using other services like Salesforce, CRM, database management and so on. But how are you communicating with your customers and prospects outside of, or inside of, these applications?

Real-time microblogging has the best potential for helping businesses to scale the sales process. But the sales process is not the only business process where microblogging has this potential. It can also be implemented into customer service, production schedules or use your imagination.

The bottom line, microblogging can be integrated into your other cloud-based applications through APIs. If you haven’t started thinking in that direction yet then you should.

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