Get A Virtual Hard Drive

Cloud computing is like a mystery. You can do things that before never were possible. For instance, establishing an added hard drive to your computing hardware that doesn’t exist in your physical location. How is this possible? It’s possible with virtual computing.

A virtual hard drive is a hard drive that exists at a separate location from yours but it accessible through cyberspace. You set up a drive like your C: drive on your network and access that drive through the Internet. It’s called a virtual hard drive.

Other names for this include virtual desktop and enterprise computing. Your virtual hard drive could be a managed server, a dedicated server, a virtual private server or any type of cloud hosted server, including a hybrid server. How it’s set up on the end is not the issue; how it is connected to your physical network is. With a virtual hard drive, users of your physical network can gain access just as if the hard drive were located at your location even though it may actually exist somewhere else in the world.

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