5 Characteristics Of Virtualization

We are now beginning to see the virtualization of America. But what does that mean?

It means that companies are now starting to outsource their computing needs. Both hardware and software. But as we move along this path it is important to understand just what it is you expect virtualization to do for you. To help in that regard I’ve discovered 5 characteristics of successful virtualization.

  1. Flexible. Your virtual servers must be flexible. You should be able to configure and reconfigure to meet your growing and changing needs.
  2. Scalable. Scalability is an important characteristic of virtualization. You should be able to scale up or down as necessary to facilitate your company’s growth and expansion.
  3. Efficient. If virtualization isn’t saving your company money then it isn’t succeeding for you.
  4. Secure. Your virtual servers should be as secure as the physical servers they replaced.
  5. Accessible. Finally, your virtual servers should be accessible to everyone who has a need to use them.

Successful deployment of virtualization means a commitment by managers and executives to establish a virtual server network that meets all the needs of your organization. If you achieve these five characteristics then you’ll do that.

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