What’s A Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is one particular type of cloud that contains characteristics of both public and private clouds. In fact, there are some good reasons for hosting in a hybrid cloud.

The private cloud characteristics of a hybrid are necessary to secure parts of your data that you don’t want to go public. Those are applications that are essential to your business enterprise and that you do not want to share.

Public cloud characteristics of a hybrid cloud are components that you don’t mind sharing with the public and that would not compromise your business’s secrets outside of your organization.

Let’s say that you have proprietary software that you use in your own operations and that you want to protect the code of that software. You’d be better off hosting that software in a private cloud rather than in a public cloud. However, if you have applications that run on your proprietary software that may be third-party applications or that you do not necessarily care about protecting then those applications can be run on the public cloud.

The key to a hybrid cloud is making sure the private components and the public components play well together.

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