Colocation Versus Dedicated Server

In Get A Virtual Hard Drive we discussed a little bit about what cloud computing is really like along with some other common names for “virtual hard drive.” One of those, of course, is “dedicated server.” But do you really know what a dedicated server is?

A dedicated server is a server that is owned by your hosting company but that you have full privileges to as if you owned it. You are leasing it, or renting it, and are the only person who uses that server. This is in contrast to the usual cheap hosting solutions that offer shared hosting.

A colocation service is a service that provides you with a physical location for your server – the one that you own.

So the difference between a dedicated server and a colocation service is that you own the server with the latter. The benefit is you get all the benefits of server ownership without the huge expense of paying the overhead expenses of maintaining it. Those are passed on to the colocation manager.

In some ways, colocation is better than renting a dedicated server. If you really wanted to, you could move your server to a new location. You keep your software and other applications completely secure during the move. With a dedicated server move, you have to move the data on the server to a new location and that’ s much more risky.

Colocation is a new service that looks to be available for some time to come.

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