How Much Infrastructure Do You Need?

Assessing computing needs can be difficult at best, a nightmare at worst. How much do you need? When should you scale up or scale down? These questions are important questions to ask, but they have baffled IT directors for years. There are no easy answers.

For start up companies they can be even more difficult. You know you have a great idea. But will the marketplace like it? If not then you could go bust if you take on too much too fast. You have to watch your budget.

Using the cloud to provide for your computing infrastructure needs can be a good way to start your new business. It can save you lots of money in the long run. For one thing, if your business does not succeed then you are not stuck with a lot of computer equipment that you don’t need. On the other hand, if you can save thousands of dollars on infrastructure costs right up front then you can succeed in ways that you’ll never do with traditional computing.

But how do you gauge just how much infrastructure is right for your company. You have to balance costs with real needs. If you judge that you’ll need 25 servers at peak running after two years of operation, do you really want to invest in that now? Probably not.

On the other hand, you don’t want to underestimate your computing needs either.

If you are a new start up and you are looking for a way to figure out just what your real computing needs are right now while projecting what they will be in the future then you might be better off hiring a professional consultant to help you figure it out. Save yourself some headaches and money at the same time.

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