Hosting Web Applications In The Cloud

There are all types of web applications. I’m sure you’re aware of that. There are also all types of hosting accounts for those applications.

If a web application is essential for the operation of your business then I’d recommend that you not use a shared web host. You should use a dedicated server or host your application in the cloud – a private cloud. But what kind of server should it sit on?

We discussed cloud stacks and cloud silos in the last post. You’ll need to decide if your application needs to be bundled with other software or applications and if so then you probably want to use a cloud stack. Otherwise, use a cloud silo with maximum security.

There is no limit to the number of cloud silos you can use. If you have several applications that are standalone applications and do not interact with each other then you can host them all on their own silos. Just make sure you secure them well and give the proper access to the right people.

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