Is Your City About To Enter The Cloud?

According to a recent news report, New York City is getting into cloud computing. There are several interesting points about this announcement.

  • First, NYC has selected Microsoft to be its provider. There’s no mention of any specific product of Microsoft’s, but it does appear that Microsoft will be handling all of the city’s computing needs. That’s pretty comprehensive.
  • Next, the deal is expected to save the city $50 million in five years.
  • Finally, not all NYC employees are expected to use Microsoft’s cloud software.

Here’s the rub: I’m pretty sure that operating in the cloud is going to save New York City a lot of money. Switching to the cloud isn’t saving Los Angeles money, but then Los Angeles isn’t doing a complete switchover to the cloud. They’re only partially switching, which makes a big difference.

What’s that say about other cities moving to the cloud? Can we now expect a wave of cities to start using cloud computing services in light of the fact that two of the largest cities in the nation have moved that way?

I think it’s a safe bet. The fact that New York City is moving to the cloud legitimizes cloud computing for business purposes, I think. I think we’ll see more smaller cities doing it and I think that will lead to more businesses doing it as well. Count that as a triumph for the cloud.

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