Cloud Computing Is Taking Off

Cloud Computing Journal has two interesting blog posts published that illustrates just where cloud computing is going. The first article discusses the top 250 companies in the cloud computing business. The second articles highlights the top 50 bloggers in cloud computing.

I don’t see any reason to go over any of the specific companies or bloggers mentioned in these articles, but the fact that these two lists exist should be an indication that cloud computing is taking off in a big way.

A quick look over the top 250 list will show that there are companies doing a bit more than just hosting and providing typical services. There is a lot of breadth in the services and quite a bit of specialization too. That indicates an industry that is growing into maturity. Cloud computing has arrived.

But, let’s not make a mistake, it is far from being at its pinnacle. There is still a lot of room to grow. I think cloud computing will become the next big thing in computing – like dedicated hosting was just a few years ago. In fact, I think we’re starting to see that now.

If you have an interest in cloud computing at all and how it might benefit your company then I’d suggest you start looking into it now – before it all becomes just too confusing.

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