Are You Doing Business In The Cloud?

An online article about cloud computing made me realize that many small business owners may be involved in cloud computing and not even know it. Studies show that cloud computing is a growing interest among small businesses and that 75% of SMBs are currently using cloud services. One prognosticator says it could be even higher.

It very well could be. I’d be interested in knowing how many small business owners actually know what cloud computing is.

If you do business online then there’s a very good chance that you are already involved with cloud computing at some level. If you purchase services online then you are definitely involved in cloud computing, know it or not.

If you’ve downloaded any applications and put them on your servers or use applications online that interact with your own internal computing systems then you are involved in cloud computing. That’s almost everyone these days.

Cloud computing gets a lot of hype, but most of that is around fringe concepts that don’t really matter to small businesses. The Internet is one big cloud and that’s how most people who understand cloud computing see it. If you deliver or receive computing services over the Internet – whether those services are software-related, hardware-related, platform-related, or infrastructure-related – then you are involved in cloud computing.

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One Response to Are You Doing Business In The Cloud?

  1. jodie_microsoft_smb says:

    If you’re not using or looking for Cloud options, take a look at the Microsoft offerings to determine a good fit for your needs. This link will help:

    Jodi E.
    Microsoft SMB Outreach Team

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