Why Use Visual Web Developer 2005?

Cloud-based Web application development is coming of age. And one development program that I don’t mind recommending is Visual Web Developer 2005. So how does it benefit you?

For one thing, it’s a Microsoft product so the level of support that you’ll receive is well beyond anything else on the market. Secondly, it utilizes the Visual Studios Web Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which makes development in compatible environments easier and more fun.

If you are developing applications using Microsoft’s coding language, .NET, then you can’t go wrong with Visual Web Developer 2005.

Here are some features of the program, which I think you’ll love:

  • WYSIWYG Design Interface – As the name suggests, the design interface is all WYSIWYG. Visual Web Developer 2005 takes Microsoft’s signature style and incorporates it beautifully.
  • Toolbox – Drag and drop controls easily accessible.
  • Master Pages – Design master pages that you can use over and over again as templates.
  • JavaScript and CSS Support – Full support for two of the Web’s most important languages.
  • Intellisense – A feature that completes statements you type into the editor; this is a great time saver.
  • SQL Server 2005 Express Edition – While you are developing you can have access to a back end storage block that you can use for development purposes.
  • Built-In Membership and Roles – Create new users and levels of membership for each page. Even allows you to authenticate and restrict memberships based on levels.

Visual Web Developer 2005 is a unique Microsoft product that is easy to use and great for developing your .NET applications.

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