Creating Your Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Interface

All you really need to know to get started with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is a little SQL. In 5 steps you can set up your Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 interface and be ready to take over your cloud servers, hosting your applications in style. Here are the steps.

  1. First, get in Design view and drag out a drop down list under your chart. Click the Smart Tag and Choose Data Resource. Now select SqlDataSource1.
  2. You should see an SqlDataSource dialog box. Select SqlDataSource1. In the bottom dialog box, click “Refresh Schema.” After the dialog boxes populate, select “SalesPeople” in the top box and “id” in the bottom one.
  3. Now drop a text box and button near the dropdown list. Give it an ID of numTxt. Give the button an ID of updateSales.
  4. Now move to the properties menu of the drop down box and give it an ID of personDrop. Then set AutoPostBack to “true.”
  5. Select the dropdown box and click the Events icon. Double click the SelectIndexChange action.

Now you have successfully set up your interface in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. To get the full tutorial on how to set up your code behind, get inside the personDrop_SelectedIndexChanged() function and visit ProgrammingHelp.

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