Are You Wandering Around In The Cloud?

Cloud computing does not have to be confusing. If you are wandering around trying to figure out where to start or just what it’s all about, let’s end the confusion now. Cloud computing is simply doing business over the Internet. But that can be done in different ways.

First, cloud hosting. You have a few choices.

  • Dedicated server
  • Co-location
  • Data center
  • Managed server
  • Data storage

Each of these types of cloud hosting solutions has its own pros and cons. First figure out what your needs are then you can work on solving them.

After you decide on a host for your cloud computing needs it is time to start implementing. Do you have your own apps and software or will you be using cloud services? If the latter then the hosting may already be solved for you. But if you have your own apps then you’ll need to give your hosting some careful thought. If you are using apps and software that you will need to host yourself, apps that you picked up on the cloud, then you’ll also need to consider the best way to host those.

When embarking upon cloud computing for the first time, it might be helpful to get a consultant to walk you through your many options.

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