Where Do You Go For Great ASP Tutorials?

ASP.NET is a Microsoft web application framework that allows developers to build dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. It’s a powerful programming language and it’s quite versatile.

.NET pages are typically called web forms, a unique terminology for web page development. They are also usually denominated with a .aspx file name extension, which makes them unique among web pages as well. But you can notice a .NET web page with that file extension and immediately know that the page is a dynamic web page.

.aspx web pages usually incorporate XHTML characteristics, which is a language used for dynamic web page programming.

There are various ways to program dynamic content within a web page. Microsoft generally recommends that .NET applications use a code-behind approach, which involves putting the code into a separate file and calling it into an HTML document. Another method involves putting the code in a specially designated script tag, which is very common.

The code-behind model of web development allows for separation of design and content, much like CSS.

If you’re looking for good ASP tutorials then I recommend the following websites, which are full of useful tools and tutorials at a variety of programming levels:

Enjoy the tutorials and enjoy ASP.NET.

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