Flexible, Scalable, Incredible Computing

Cloud computing is beginning to reach an age where even the smallest of companies can benefit. It is no longer in the domain of large companies with large IT departments. And that’s good news.

The two most talked about characteristics of cloud computing, and the ones that make it so incredible, are flexibility and scalability. But what do those mean.

Flexibility – The flexibility of cloud computing allows you to shift resources from one computer to another rapidly without disrupting your business. The fact that you are able to draw resources from many machines instead of one also means you can shift workload from any of those machines to another and still conduct business. You won’t have to take your website off line and your customers can still communicate with you.

Scalability – Scalability means you can increase or decrease your available resources on any one machine rapidly. If you need to increase storage space, for instance, it’s just one phone call. You don’t have to buy a new server or upgrade the one you’re one. If you want to increase your bandwidth then that can be easily done.

Flexibility and scalability go hand in hand. You’re not reinventing the wheel. You’re simply making better use of it. And you don’t have to be large to take advantage of that.

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