Types Of Cloud Marketing

A new concept that is starting to catch on is a concept called cloud marketing. I’ve already seen at least two companies that specialize in cloud marketing specifically. So what is it?

Cloud marketing, as defined by one provider, is “traditional marketing + Software-as-a-Service.” I think we can do better than that.

The cloud concept does not necessarily have to be defined by software as a service. It can also be defined as platform as a service. Not all marketing, after all, is driven by software – though, admittedly, SaaS does have a lot to contribute. Cloud marketing could also be rolled out as Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

What’s the difference? I think the most obvious difference would be in the delivery and the nature of the beast.

For instance, let’s say you engage in cloud marketing at the most basic level. You take your traditional marketing collateral and convert it to a digital format. You have essentially built the underlying infrastructure for a digital-based marketing department. You can take your traditional marketing collateral and turn it into social media talking points.

Also, through communication platforms like identi.ca, you can build your own Twitter-like service to better communicate and foster relationships with people in your industry, suppliers, and customers. You now have a Platform-as-a-Service marketing initiative.

The time has come to get more creative with your marketing. Take your marketing to the cloud.

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