Cloud Business: The Operation Without An Office

For the first time in history an entrepreneur can start a business and never have an office. There’s no need to pay rent, shop for furniture, spend loads of money on software and hardware, concern yourself with server security, or mess with any of the other traditional business expenses and considerations that other new business owners have to mess with. You can run your entire business from your laptop and your cell phone from your car.

How is this possible? It’s called cloud computing.

With cloud computing you have everything you need at your disposal on the Internet. You can access all of your business files, reports, and information from any location as long as you have a computer and/or a cell phone. Yes, a Blackberry qualifies.

The key is to ensure that you have the right kind of applications to run your business, that you have access to them, and that they are secure from hacking and other threats online. Once you’ve got the security element nailed down, and accessibility, then you’ve got a business.

But how much does it cost? You’d be surprised to know that it doesn’t cost anywhere close to what it costs to start a traditional business. And that’s the beauty of a business in the cloud.

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