The Future Of Cloud Computing

Pew Research, back in June this year, published an article on cloud computing, which opened with this sentence:

A solid majority of technology experts and stakeholders participating in the fourth Future of the Internet survey expect that by 2020 most people will access software applications online and share and access information through the use of remote server networks, rather than depending primarily on tools and information housed on their individual, personal computers.

The article went on to cite applications in the cloud that are currently being used by a large cross-section of people on the Web. These applications include Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, Flickr, and YouTube. Do any of those sound familiar?

In a similar article on CNET in March 2009, James Urquhart outlines three paths to cloud computing in the future. Those three paths are:

  • Internal Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • and Public Cloud

Of course, I agree with both articles. The future of cloud computing is looking bright from any angle.

I will add a fourth way to the future of cloud computing, and this way is alluded to in the CNET article. That way is what we call hybrid cloud computing. In essence, it’s a combination of public cloud and private cloud components where the organization consuming the resources has access to applications that it may or may not control directly.

When it comes to cloud computing, the question isn’t, is it going to happen? Rather, the question is, which direction is right for your company’s computing needs?

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  1. Cathy says:

    This is a great post!

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