How A Virtual Server Can Benefit You

A virtual server is a partitioned server that acts as a dedicated server. In other words, it’s an actual physical server that is partitioned so that each part of the server is configured like a dedicated server. Each part of the server has its own operating system and bundle of software packages, security, and configuration settings to the client’s specifications.

Why would you lease a virtual server rather than a dedicated server or use co-hosting or co-managed hosting account?

The primary reason you may want to use a virtual server instead of a dedicated server or co-managed account is for budgeting. A virtual server will be cheaper, or less expensive, than a dedicated server while delivering all the same benefits of a dedicated server.

With a virtual server, you only pay for the server space that you actually use. You are not paying for a full server. That way, if you only need half a terabyte of server space, then that’s what you pay for. You don’t need to pay for a full terabyte to get the benefits of having a dedicated server. But if you need to upgrade at any time, then you can upgrade to a full dedicated server or a larger virtual server with no penalty and no break in service.

A virtual server is a great way to go for a company that wants a dedicated server but doesn’t have the money for a full server.

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