Where To Learn Photoshop

One of the most important tools for any Web developer to master is Photoshop. You’ll have to master photo effects and photo editing to build great Web pages. After all, without great graphics – graphics that capture the eye and the imagination – you’ll be hard-pressed to build great web pages.

So where do you go to learn Photoshop editing?

I highly recommend Photoshopatoms.com. Here is a website where you can find great Photoshop tutorials on topics that are relevant to your work as a Web developer.

As a sample tutorial, check out this one on lighting effects within Photoshop. It is an advanced tutorial, which means you should be somewhat familiar with Photoshop already. If you’re not, then try one of the tutorials for beginners at the same website.

The lighting effects tutorial will walk you through setting up a background for your image, cropping your image to fit into the background that you have created, working with vector curves, adding color light to your image, working with other effects like glow smoke and point lights, and using layers for stroking paths and glowing lines. With advanced tutorials like this you’ll become a Photoshop master in no time, your skills as a Web developer will improve, and you’ll soon be seen as one of the best developer’s on the Web.

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