Small Business Cloud Computing

An article on small business cloud computing said this about doing business in the cloud in 2011:

(Source) Businesses investing in cloud computing infrastructure such as hosted email or CRM solutions are spending money now that will ultimately save them even more money in the future.

I find this to be very encouraging. Small business owners are spending money now so that they can save money in the future. It should probably read “Smart businesses … are spending money now ….”

Cloud computing is the smart business solution. There is some upfront expense involved in transferring your entire business from traditional hosting solutions to a cloud-based environment. But once that initial cost is taken care of, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe, secure, and saving you money.

Small businesses have traditionally been behind the eight ball when it comes to the best business solutions. Enterprises, large corporations, and mid-size companies almost always get the best benefits first. By the time those benefits trickled down to the small business, the larger businesses move up to the next great technology. As a result, small businesses fall behind.

In the Internet economy, that’s not the case. Small businesses can now take advantage of the same benefits as enterprises and megacorporations at the same time. There is no trickle down.

Cloud computing is truly a revolutionary development in business. Don’t sit on the sidelines watching it happen.

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