Spending Christmas In The Cloud

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to drop one last note about the cloud before I turn you over to the holidays. Did you know you can save yourself, or your company, money just by being in the cloud? It’s true. Keep reading to find out how.

You’re currently on a traditional hosting plan, right? Take a look at your current server usage. How many servers do you have in operation? How much of that server space is free? And what is it being used for. Write it down so you can see it.

As an example, let’s look at Mock Company A:

    Number of Servers = 5 (1 Terabyte and 4 100-Gigabyte)
    Space used = 60% of 1-Terabyte server; remaining: 98%, 73%, 25%, and 56%
    Server Uses = 35% application hosting and 25% for testing (1-Terabyte server); remaining: data storage (98%); operational (73%); data storage (25%); application hosting (10%), operational (13%), and data storage (33%)

Mock Company A’s management has determined that it needs a good deal of server space for application hosting and testing. But it’s only using 60% of its largest server for this and 10% of one of its small servers. That 10 Gb of server space could be transferred to the 1 Tb server and if this company is paying only for the space that it is using, then it could save considerable money every month by paying only for the 60% of the 1 Tb server space it is using instead of paying for the full server and only using a part of it. In order to have some additional space, if needed, the company could contract for 70% and save itself from paying for that 30% of server space not in use.

By the same token, Mock Company A can transfer the data storage and operational files on its final server to one of the other two servers dedicated for those needs. That would mean that one server can be eliminated while consolidating all data storage onto one server with 48% total usage (plus the one fully dedicated server for data storage that is currently 98% full). Likewise, they’d have a server that is 86% full of operational data.

By moving from a traditional hosting plan to a cloud hosting plan, this company can pay for only the server space it is using rather than 5 full servers that are being partially used. Can you imagine how much money that would save this company each year? Merry Christmas!

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