Cloud Computing Is In The Growth Stage

The first modern cloud computing service was offered by Amazon in 2006 when the Web’s largest internet department store began to use its own data center to provide data storage and application hosting services to its customers on a pay-per-fee basis. Since then, cloud computing has grown year after year as new services enter the market and more companies demand the features and benefits of cloud computing. Those features and benefits include:

  • More agile computing
  • More accessible APIs
  • Lower hosting costs
  • Device independence
  • Location independence
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Increased reliability
  • Scalability
  • Increased security
  • Easier maintenance of computing systems
  • Metering

These benefits and features almost guarantee that cloud computing will become more and more popular – and more and more necessary.

The future of computing will be one where companies – start ups as well as enterprise companies with years of history – can leverage the flexibility of computing systems by sharing resources, storing their important information, and utilizing resources on remote location through Internet delivery. They will do this with greater efficiency and lower cost than ever before in history.

As more businesses learn of the benefits of cloud computing, I believe we’ll see more companies migrate to the cloud model of hosting and that’s already begun to happen. In the next couple of years, it will pick up a lot of speed.

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