Redundancy And Cloud Computing

When you contract with a company that provides computer services in the cloud, there are certain expectations that you as a business owner can expect from the service. One of those expectation is called redundancy, but what is it?

In a nutshell, redundancy is a fancy term computing experts have given to the concept of backing up information for later use. It’s a necessary function of cloud computing and it works like this.

Let’s say you are contracting for a software service that is being delivered to you through the Internet. You pay a monthly fee so that your 100 employees can access the software as a service. The company you lease that service through is likely backing up your software as you use it on at least a monthly basis. But why?

If the company’s server crashes at any time and there are no backups available, you’ll stand to lose all of your data. Certainly, the company providing the service could not afford to have its customers lose all their data for any reason. Therefore, it behooves them to create backups.

Your entire server along with the software you are contracting to use and the data you input into that software – you and your 100 employees – will be backed up on a regular basis, probably monthly or weekly. Then, when the server goes down for maintenance or if a mishap occurs and the server goes down, the cloud service automatically retrieves the backup with no interruption to your service.

That’s how redundancy works and it’s one of the best benefits to cloud computing.

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