Is Elasticity Necessary?

Elasticity is a concept in computing that has implications for cloud computing though it isn’t necessarily unique to cloud computing. It simply means that your computing resources are easily scalable, up or down, based on the current demands of your system.

In other words, with elasticity you are able to utilize resources available to your computing system and if you do not need those resources then they lie dormant and in waiting until you do. How this applies to cloud computing is that those available resources could be off location – that is, not local. They exist in the cloud.

Internet-based computing is the wave of the future. You can lease cloud computing resources that you use only when you need them, and pay for only what you use. Those resources will be set aside for your later use to draw upon as necessary.

Elasticity is a necessary component to today’s computing because a growing number of businesses are finding themselves needing additional resources on a short-term basis. Instead of buying additional hardware and software that will cost thousands of dollars, you can use the cloud to lease computing resources as you need them. Then, when you no longer need them you scale back. Pay for what you need when you need it.

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