The 3 Biggest Cloud Computing Mistakes

Cloud computing has become all the rage. Everyone is talking about it even if they aren’t doing anything about it. In a few years, companies that don’t have a computing strategy that involves at least a partial move to the cloud will fall behind their competitors.

Companies who are making a move to cloud computing, however, are not necessarily going into it with the right frame of mind. That said, there are more successes than failures, but here are the top 3 mistakes of cloud computing as I see it.

  • Not counting the costs
  • Not understanding the nature of the cloud
  • Doing nothing at all

When you count the costs of cloud computing, you can’t compare apples to apples with traditional computing. When you opt for cloud computing, you are paying for individual components.

Another thing to understand when you enter the cloud is the nature of the cloud itself. Take into consideration all the nuances of security, integration, management, and deployment that are necessary for a successful move. You don’t have to move all your data to the cloud in one swoop. Make some difficult choices about what and when to move into the cloud.

Finally, don’t just “study” cloud computing. At some point you’ve got to take some action.

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