Photoshop Tutorials You Can Count On

One of the most important tools for any web developer or programmer is Photoshop. With this software you can style, resize, crop, and manipulate images for use on your web pages and in other graphic-oriented displays such as infographics and graphic enhancements to your .pdf documents. Photoshop is an essential tool of the trade.

Because Photoshop is so important to great web design, every web developer should spend some time learning how to use it. That’s why I’ve gone out and found a website that offers great Photoshop tutorials for beginners and advanced graphic designers and web developers alike.

At Photoshop Atoms, you’ll learn a variety of visual effects you can add to your photos and graphics. These include textual effects, photo effects, shadow effects, smoke effects, and many other effects that you can add to your images.

For example, the tutorial “How To Create A Lightsaber” instructs you to use the Polygonal Lasso tool to create a blade and fill it with white. It then goes on to instruct you in how to add color and create a glow to the image so that it looks like a lightsaber.

Want to create a fireball or a duct tape image? You can learn how to do that at Photoshop Atoms.

There are very few skills as important as photo and image manipulation for web development. You can learn those skills with the right Photoshop tutorials.

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