4 Reasons To Implement A Private Cloud

Many people have a fundamental misunderstanding of what is meant by “private cloud.” They think that private means internal. That isn’t necessarily the case.

A private cloud does not necessarily have to exist on your premises. Your cloud can be managed by a professional cloud hosting provider. And many times there are greater benefits by having your private cloud managed by a professional hosting company. Below are four reasons why a private cloud can benefit your company.

  1. Leverages existing infrastructure – While there are benefits to having a professional company manage your cloud, if you have existing infrastructure, then you can use that infrastructure for your private cloud. If you have a lot of infrastructure, then it can often be less expensive in the short run to convert it to a private cloud rather than turn to a professional and having unused computing assets lying around.
  2. Your IT department has no profit motive – On the other side of the coin, your IT department has no profit motive. They don’t have to be profitable. They are driven more by efficiency. An external cloud hosting provider must turn a profit. That’s incentive for efficiency.
  3. React more quickly to major changes – If your business undergoes a major change beyond the scope of basic cloud computing, you can still react more quickly to those changes. If your company acquires a smaller firm and you need to integrate your computing assets, you can do it much more quickly in the cloud.
  4. You can transition incrementally – You don’t have to convert all of your IT resources in one day. You can do it incrementally and incremental change is often easier to manage.

These four reasons for implementing a private cloud are positive and forward-looking reasons. A private cloud is flexible, scalable, and easy to implement if you have a plan.

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