3 Ways To Use A Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a computing environment that takes on some of the features of a private cloud while using some elements of a public cloud. In other words, it’s neither wholly private nor wholly public.

Here are three ways to use a hybrid cloud for your business benefit:

  1. Deploying multiple clouds to cover different applications. For instance, some of your applications can be hosted in a public cloud when security concerns are an issue or when maximum scalability is a desire. A private cloud is the perfect solution for applications that require the protection of your corporate firewall.
  2. Allocating different elements of an application to the public cloud and others to the private cloud. Your interactive elements of an application can sit on a public cloud while the data storage and retrieval elements can be protected in your private cloud.
  3. Moving an application during different phases of its life. For testing purposes, you could keep an application in the private cloud, then move it to the public cloud for implementation.

Installing a hybrid cloud environment for your computing needs has its benefits. You no longer have to choose between a public cloud and a private cloud. You can implement both and keep them secure.

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