Should You Run Your Own Datacenter?

Running a datacenter can be expensive and time consuming, but don’t let that scare you. There are reasons why you might want to run your own datacenter as opposed to simply moving your resources to the cloud and letting someone else manage them. But before you decide for or against your own datacenter, consider these points.

  • Do you have the facilities? Running a datacenter requires space – real, not virtual. You’ve got to have a warehouse or physical space of some kind set aside for your servers and computers. Do you have it? Can you get it? What would be the cost to acquire or rent the space necessary?
  • Is it in your budget? Can you afford all the expenses related to running your own datacenter? Can you afford to pay for facilities, overhead, and the personnel to manage it?
  • Can you profit? Can you turn your datacenter into a profit center? In other words, how feasible is it to sell unused virtual space or manage computers owned by someone else? Can you work a business plan into your datacenter?
  • What would you use it for? Do you need a datacenter for app development? Is it for storage? Figure out the usage and how much computing resources you’ll need. This should be one of your first steps.

Managing a datacenter is no easy task. It can be done. But who would benefit? Can you structure your datacenter so that you can benefit other organizations and make a profit while your computing resources are taken care of?

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