The Growth Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing grew to more than $68 billion in 2010. Over the course of the last year we’ve seen cloud computing grow from a fledgling industry to a hefty piece of a larger pie. Not only are individuals and businesses accessing the public cloud from their PCs, but they are also tapping into the cloud from their cell phones and PDAs. The Android and the iPhone, with some help from the iPad, have made the cloud a large mobile network.

In fact, mobile computing has become so ubiquitous that connecting to the Internet through apps rather than browsers is increasingly more common. Within just a few short years, we all may be connected through our apps instead of through our browsers.

So the question then becomes, will cloud computing be strictly a mobile phenomenon in a few years? In other words, will we all abandon our laptops and PCs in lieu of mobile devices connected to the Internet through single-purpose apps?

I rather think that PCs and laptops will still be available and used, but mobile devices will be used more. And apps will not necessarily be single-purpose. I believe it’s quite possible, maybe even likely, that mobile users and cloud operators will be able to customize their own apps by selecting pieces from off the shelf and pairing them up. What do you think? Is the cloud moving toward a customized app development model connected through mobile devices? Or am I dreaming?

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