Why Cloud Computing Is Popular

If you look at the history of computing, you’ll see that there have been short-lived trends along the way. When a new trend develops, old trends die away.

For instance, in the 1990s, personal computing took off like a rocket. The introduction of Microsoft Windows in 1990 gave way to a whole new industry of software development. The whole world tried to build software that was compatible with Microsoft Windows. And they did.

A result of that influx of computing software was that anyone could then run a publishing company from their home. Everyone soon had a personal computer, or two or three, in their home and it was possible to do all sorts of things that before then few people could do on their own. Many people ran publishing companies from their living rooms.

Enter the World Wide Web, also kicked off in 1990. But most people at that time were just developing their personal computing habits. Ten years later, they were ready to develop their online habits – and they did.

Here we are, twenty-one years after the creation of the World Wide Web, e-commerce is thriving, millions of people have websites, and hosting is a big business. Cloud computing is the new trend. Not only can people run businesses from their homes, but they can run businesses from anywhere in the world. They can travel and access all their business documents from anywhere on the road. It’s a new revolution in computing that adds flexibility and scalability to profitability. And that’s why cloud computing is the next big thing.

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