What Is Redundancy?

Redundancy, in terms of computing, means that you have your data available from more than one resource. It is typically associated with cloud computing because cloud hosts will back up your server – whether dedicated, managed, or virtual – and maintain it on another hardware box so that you can experience continuous operations at all times. It is a part of the service.

How does redundancy work?

Let’s say you have one full server all to yourself and your server is 100 terabytes. Your cloud hosting provider will back up that entire server, either to another server of the same size or to a virtual server on a box that is larger. Different cloud hosts have their own strategies for achieving redundancy, but the benefits are the same.

The reason this is done is in the event that your server must go down for maintenance, it experiences overload, or another event causes you to lose your server. The cloud host has a system in place to quickly switch from your primary server to your back up with little or no downtime. It’s called redundancy, and it’s a huge boon to computing all over the world.

Cloud hosting has many benefits to a business. Redundancy is just one of them.

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