5 Tips For Maintaining A Datacenter

When it comes to maintaining a datacenter, there are a number of factors that you should consider before you ever open up your doors. If you plan your datacenter properly, and implement your plan effectively, then you’ll have fewer problems. Here are 5 tips to maintaining a healthy datacenter.

  1. Floor Tiles – In cold aisles you need to use open perforated floor tiles. Close the tiles in hot aisles. This will maximize your air circulation.
  2. Clean Your Equipment – Small particles of dust are your most dangerous enemy. To ensure you pick up the smallest particles, use a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency particulate air filter.
  3. Reinforce Floor Support – You will be moving your server racks around quite a bit. Make sure you reinforce your floor support with steel reinforcements.
  4. Ground Your Servers And Your Floor – Datacenters have a number of electrical and magnetic fields. If you do not ground your floors and your servers, you will find yourself having to fix processing errors over and over again.
  5. Clean Your Floor – The floor is the most important part of your datacenter. Keep it free of obstacles and debris so that you get proper air circulation and your datacenter will be cooler.

Maintaining a healthy datacenter requires constant work. Keep your datacenter clean and cool and it will serve you well.

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