Why A Private Cloud?

Why should a company – any company – try to set it up its own private cloud? For that matter, why should a small or medium-sized company attempt to set up a private cloud when a public cloud offers all the same benefits?

A private cloud does have its own list of benefits. But there are drawbacks too.

For one thing, when you set up your own cloud, you are responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. The reason you started exploring cloud computing to start with is to save money on those ongoing costs, remember? Now you’re thinking about adding them to your budget again.

That’s OK. You can set up a private cloud and still have access to and use the public cloud. One of the primary benefits to having a private cloud is additional security. And, because you have greater control over the configuration of the cloud, you can use it for developing and testing.

We live in the age of the app. You cannot afford to have your competition gain access to your testing resources. For that reason alone, you need privacy. A private cloud can give you the security you need for ongoing testing.

Don’t shortchange yourself on app development. A private cloud is the best way to achieve the best of both worlds, where you get scalability and security.

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