Public Cloud: Is There Only One?

You’ve heard of the public cloud vs. private cloud debate, I’m sure. The private cloud is just what it sounds like. You set up your own private cloud for internal use. But what is a public cloud?

In essence, a public cloud is a cloud environment that is accessible to anyone. Obviously, that means the Internet. Right?

Well, yes. But don’t get the impression that the Internet is the only public cloud available. There are clouds within the cloud. In other words, a public cloud could exist within the public cloud of the Internet. It can be owned by a private or a public corporation as long as it is open and accessible to the public Web and is available for anyone to access.

Let’s take Wikipedia, for instance. It’s not a cloud environment, per se. But it is a public open document. Anyone can edit it and anyone can access it to read. In that regard, it’s public. But what if Wikipedia required registration and a payment plan? Then it would be private.

There’s the difference between your public cloud concept and your private cloud concept. One thing that is increasingly becoming more and more common is privately-owned public clouds. They can be good for business if you manage them correctly.

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