Private Cloud Hosting Hardware

So you think you want a private cloud. Good for you! Now for the million dollar question: How do you implement that?

Let’s be more succinct. Can you use the same tools to host a private cloud as you do to host a public cloud? In a word, the answer is “yes.” You can use the same tools.

Private cloud hosting, in terms of infrastructure, is not a lot different than public cloud hosting. The difference is in your level of security and who you allow access. With a private cloud, you can host it on your own datacenter, or you can outsource the hardware systems required to host your cloud. Either way works.

If you choose a cloud service provider for your private cloud, you’ve got to make sure that they are as security conscious as your own team would be. You want your cloud locked down tight.

You also want to make sure that the datacenter hosting your private cloud is kept clean. Security is very important, but keeping the datacenter clean is probably more important because if you allow too much dust near your servers, you could have constant maintenance problems. That won’t bode well for the users who are logged into your cloud.

So, long story short, can you use the same systems for hosting a private cloud that you do for hosting a public cloud? Yep, sure can.

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