When Cloud Computing Went Mainstream

Many tech professionals claim cloud computing went mainstream some time last year, touting the talk outside of the tech industry about cloud computing services. But I think this is all vague talk. I can pinpoint exactly when cloud computing went mainstream. Right down to the nanosecond.

Cloud computing went mainstream the moment that President Barack Obama decided that each federal agency must name three services they intend to move to the Web. The deadline? Three months. That was in December 2010.

So does that mean cloud computing went mainstream in December 2010? No. Not necessarily. The “cloud first” policy of the Obama Administration was actually announced to federal employees before that. Smart Planet reported the news on November 30, 2010.

I think cloud computing went mainstream the moment President Obama decided to implement the policy. When that happened, only he knows. But the significance of it happening is the important thing.

As the federal government goes, so goes everyone else. Once the U.S. government adopts a business concept as a management plan, you can bet that the corporate world will follow and then small businesses will adopt en masse after that.

While it’s true that cloud computing became very popular in 2010, I think 2011 will actually represent a major shift in the business world toward cloud computing. Watch, and it will happen.

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