Are Hybrid Clouds In?

Public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds … which is the “in” thing?

Instead of asking which type of cloud is in, let’s ask instead which type of cloud is right for your company. Then do the math.

A public cloud, of course, is one that is open and accessible to anyone. There are no restrictions. A private cloud is one that is closed off to the general public. In many cases, neither of these types of cloud is going to work for you. That’s why the IT industry has created the hybrid cloud.

A hybrid cloud, as the name implies, has some characteristics in common with public clouds and some characteristics in common with private clouds. What those characteristics are will vary from one cloud to the next. Every company and every industry is different. Therefore, your needs are going to be different than someone else’s.

The best way to develop your own cloud is to determine what you need the cloud for. Who will use it? What will they use it for? Chances are, you’ll discover that you need certain private features as well as certain public features. In steps in the hybrid.

Companies ready to take the big cloud leap need not fret about boxes and categories. Do what is right for you.

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